Trust and Believe Abilities

In my previous article, I talked about using a journal to note and reflect on important scenes of life for developmental purposes.

In life, we progress when we believe and trust our abilities.

I have always felt that I want a better life, hoping and praying that things turn around for me. For a long time, I assumed that once I proclaim to myself ‘I will be the best’; it will happen as I proclaim. I would automatically be flipped to the good side of life. It never turned out as I had hoped. There are rules in life, as I trust, I need to believe and actualize my abilities in order to make my hope a reality.

Trust, believe, abilities and realities are distinct features that manifest with actualization of certain facts. The rate at which the factors are carried out will determine the achievement of one’s potential(s) by aiming at the big picture ahead, avoiding distractions. We move and sometimes look back to ensure we are on track in achievement of our purpose.

Regular reflection of one’s life is a tool that will help in planning and managing time and abilities to achieve the best possible version of oneself.

Self reflection is a powerful tool in life

Some factors that will help in building Trust and Believe in one’s abilities are as follows:

A. Know Yourself

One of the major abilities of living a worthy life is having the knowledge of whom one truly is.

When you know yourself, you are empowered …Tina Lifford

Knowing yourself will help you discover your true potentials and work with them in order to achieve the best in life. You know yourself by looking inwardly towards your inner self. You can ask trustworthy friends to help in telling you things about yourself.

You can also know and discover yourself by engaging in things that energizes you. Involving in things that you actually get at ease in doing can be a source of passion and a guide in discovering your true self/talent.

Catching up to your potentials will help you explore, dream and discover new things that will make you successful in life.

B. Set Goals

Short and long term goals are a must for anyone that wants to achieve certain aims and potentials in life. You can plan, write and prioritize the goals to make them clearer and easy to achieve.

Take your plan step by step and ensure you have deadlines for your goals objective.

A goal properly set is halfway reached” – Zig Zaglar

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible” – Tony Robbins

C. Imbibe Positive Attitude

Positive attitude is essential towards trust and believe system in achieving potentials. It will help you to be optimistic towards achievement of your goals and dreams.

“When you think positive, good things happen”        – unknown

Keep your thoughts positive as they contribute towards your actions and behaviour. Positive and healthy behaviour attributes to habits that will mold the right values.

  “ Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny” – Mahatma Gandhi

D. Maintain an Affective Attitude

Our goodwill and competence tends to cover the domain of our interaction, communication and actions in life which invariably is grounded through trust. Affective attitude is bounded in integrity of purpose.

Our trust or reliance on others can help us achieve a desired objective if we strategically put in place all the necessary plans to perfect our act. Trust in most cases can give rise to beliefs that are unusually resistant to evidence.

Another aspect of trust has to do with feelings. Feelings of trust tend to be developed with things we might consider little or insignificant such as when we show up for each other, listen when others are upset or prioritize our important relationships over other people and things.

Some attributes of trust as it concerns feelings include: respecting people’s boundaries, reliability, integrity, not being judgmental, and creating an avenue of generosity.

Believe you can

E. Be Confidence of Yourself

Positive attitude of your skills and abilities makes you to have a good self confidence .

You trust yourself, capacities and abilities; creating a  sense of control in life. This makes you able to set realistic goals and handle criticisms in life.

Love yourself, be honest with your person and never allow negativities affect your abilities.

A purposeful and meaningful life can be gotten with the ingredients of ‘Believe’ and ‘Trust’

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