Providing Meaning to Life

We are in turbulent times. So many things are happening at the same time; breakdown in economy, insecurity, rise in poverty line and so much more.

Many have lost focus and could not detect any meaning to their lives. Individuals live aimlessly, struggling to survive without looking inward or having a purpose.

Some do not really know what they want from life. They keep floating with the tide, just hanging on any object to ensure they do not sink. Each and every one of us has one shadow of human life.

Live it fully!! Give it a meaning.

Nothing comes easy, so good life does not come on a platter of gold. Never turn to easy way because it’s always tricky and dangerous at the end. Develop yourself and create the intellect to survive and overcome challenges of life.  

True sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination and it is actually embedded in each of us. Imagination creates something new. With imagination, there is no limit to reaching your dreams. One of the key ways to achieve the desired result is to brain wash yourself.

Brain Wash Yourself !

Every now and then, the world we live in, tries to brain-wash us one way or the other. I remember the word of Florence Scovel Shinn “If you do not run your ‘self’ conscious mind, someone else will run it for you”.

Media, Religion, Society, wants to brain wash you because they know that ones they penetrate into your subconscious being they become a part of your decision making. This is why controlling the masses is not hard because their mind is already controlled.

Reform your life

Why not reprogram your mind and give meaning to your life?

The self conscious mind is highly powerful but extremely vulnerable as well.

The Brain subconsciously works as the following:

Recorder: records all you hear and say even while asleep. It is a  giant tape recorder that records life scenes with all the necessary images in mind.

Decodes messages without analyzing them. For example, if you say I will not take alcohol again the image that appears to the mind is alcohol.

Cannot comprehend the future; only the present. That is why you need to be positive always; seeing your goals as already accomplished so as to revitalize the brain to function accordingly.

Controls 95% of our lives including our attitude and habits

Cannot tell the difference between imagination and actual event. That’s why you can have goose bumps while watching horror films. Subconscious brain cannot tell the difference between real and created things.

Notes Repetition: Repetition creates new believe in the self conscious mind. When you act or do something repeatedly, the self conscious mind creates the associated images and believes in it.

We brain wash our brain in order to detox  the mind for clearer thinking, making better decisions in life, strengthens bonds with others and develop healthier habits that gives meaning to life. Brain wash is the key to a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life. It develops the mind and projects life in the right dimension.

The main factor to brainwash is the ‘Mind’, for it coercive, persuade and controls and reforms others segments that creates meaningful life.

Mindset – The Greatest Asset

Develop your mind

Whatsoever your mind can imagine, you can achieve it. Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said there is no limit to the mind except that which you acknowledge.

The start of anything great is when you decide to have it. It is the start to finding meaning to your life, having something great. There is no limit to your imagination, thus no limit to achievement. Never accept the limit of friend, family or society you live in.

Patience, Persistence and Discipline makes an unbeatable combination for success.

Victory is possible for the person who refuses to quit.

Nothing is impossible for the person who believes success can only be delayed but not denied.

It all starts from the mind.

Be impatient in working towards your goal.

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporal defeat”. Never be weighed down by it. See it as factor for growth.

Pain and Challenge are part of growth. Push to become the very best version of yourself. You might encounter failures (heartaches, embarrassments and others), but never quit. Growth comes from pushing yourself.

How do you spend your spare time and money?

Your habit and character determines your future. Check your daily habits and see where they are projecting your life. If they are strong, your future will be strong, else there is need to mend them.

Habit has to be intentional. Use it to create plan that will lead you closer to your goals. Goals are dreams with deadlines. They come true if you get serious about them. They might be difficult to reach but not impossible; you need to make a move, develop yourself and grow enough to attain the goal.

Ask yourself questions like, how and what do I need to do to make things better?

Push yourself in a positive way. Defeats and difficulties are part of life lessons as they can show you the clearer part if you analyze them critically. Use it wisely to grow yourself; conquer your fears and obstacles, don’t give up on them.

Never give up!

Shock people even yourself with your persistence which will definitely yield marvelous result. Believe in yourself and become unstoppable.

The ladder of success is not always crowded. Most people settle or accept defeat before even getting to the ladder, refusing to put that extra effort that will keep pushing them up the ladder.

You can be among the few who is never afraid to take the hard path of climbing the ladder of success

Life is a do-it-yourself project”

You are the only one who can create and give meaning to your life. No conquered by self.

Your life is YOURS!

You are to create whatsoever you want out of it. It is your responsibility. Society, people and government can tax and box you to the wall but no one can box your mind without your consent. You have total control over that – your mind.

Take care of your mind, it’s of great essence, nurture it with positive thoughts, teachings and practices that help you grow; makes you better. Feel strong for yourself.

Seek the company of people who influence you to become the better version of yourself. Associate with individuals who help you work and act on bringing the life you desire.

Life School

Life is a School. Learn everyday from it.

You get what you want you want from educating yourself through your thought, effort and struggle. Humble and learn. There is always something to learn every time and every day. By doing that, you master yourself, your purpose and your destiny.

You are the master of your destiny. You influence, direct and control your life.

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