Positive Excellence with little or nothing

How can you be successful or wealthy with no money in the pocket?

I was sitting on a coach late evening, meditating on how to excel considering the fact that the year is fast running out.  I was asking myself, how do I succeed this year; it’s already 2nd month of 2021?

I pulled out my phone to research on the possible ways or technique that can help me actualize my dream of being successful.

Here is a list of what I got:

  • Think differently
  • Find your value
  • Develop and create your progress
  • Manage your time
  • Apply positive attitude
  • Attitude attract success

Let us look at each of them to find out their impact.

  1. Think Differently

In life, if you want to succeed, think differently – think positive. Good thinking increases your potential and positions your mind towards achieving that which you set out.

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful persons lies in their thinking capabilities.

You think positive and act accordingly to make the difference.

Thinking shapes who you are by bringing out your values and creating the desired progress.

Life is getting complicated with unusual happenings every now and then. Only positive or right thinking individual can break through. Be careful what you think. Pay attention to your thoughts. Your thoughts can make you great or ruin you. Encourage the positive and dissuade the negative. It will help you in discovering your value

  • Find your value

Value gives you meaning to life. How can you find value and meaning to your life? This is by taking responsibility of who you become in life. Becoming whom you truly want to be; by not following the crowd but developing your own moral and code of conduct.

Be yourself in a world that is constantly manipulating you to become someone else.

Live your life and silence the negativity of societal and peer manipulations. Do not allow them to limit your success. Be steadfast in pursuit of what you belief in and progress

  • Develop and create your progress

We progress by creating progress. Before progress can be made, you need to make decision first. You can simultaneously be making progress in an area while planning and deciding on the next move to take.

For progress to be achieved, you need to focus on yourself. Do not get distracted by things that matter less; be it in the society – unfavorable news here and there, every day happenings on our lives, television obstructions, radio and others that tend to distract us. Be obsessed with yourself to limit distractions.  

Remember, you need to be obsessed to posses what you actually need.

Be obsessed with your Reality TV called life. Understanding of self worth is the beginning of progress in life.

 Limit your attention to media to avoid being dragged back. Be aware of happenings around you but do not be carried away by them.

Let’s reason, ‘Can those things change your life?’  You can answer for yourself. If they cannot impact positively in your life, then you need to do something about it; either you limit or eliminate them.

Those things can divert your focus and limit your progress because the time you allocate to them can be counted as wasted time.

Get up and focus on your dream. If you cannot do the small things right, you might never do the big things right as well.

  • Time Management

Time is a valuable asset as life is a collection of experience, frequency, intensity and efficiency of activities gathered over time. You can get more money but you cannot get more time than others.

Time is what everyone has equally, both the rich and the poor. There are 24hrs in a day for all. How you utilize or effectively manage the time solely depends on you. What you become with time is more important than what you get out of it. Plan your time effectively.

Do not live your time for randomness; else you will be stealing from your greatness.

Discipline yourself by allocating your time for what you want to achieve. Plan a productive day or week or month; don’t start a period until you get it finished.

Most importantly, don’t let anyone debug you. Create your time with appropriate management by ensuring you use up your potential abilities. 

Time is a valuable asset, utilize it well. This can be achieved by applying the right attitude towards life.

  • Apply positive attitude

Attitude they say is everything; especially attitude of the mind. It ensures personal development by doing what is right and putting extra effort in business, career or overall life activities.

The major factor that contributes to attitude is how you feel about the future. If there is high assurance within you, you will pay the prize to get the promise by developing the mind to do the extra work.

Another important element is how you feel about the society, your family, office or business; as it takes more than two to build a better being. Your attitude portrays your value.

How valuable can you be to create the desired change you want? You can be extremely talented, skilled, nurtured but without the right attitude you will probably always be in the dark.

Bad attitude override the outside no matter how good it may be. It makes you unattractive to success.

Your attitude will determine your altitude.

It will tell you how far or how well you will go in life. It is a choice. Right attitude is done on purpose. All you need is to make a conscious effort to make small adjustment every day. Never feel defeated.

You cannot have a defeating mentality and live a victorious life.

  • Attitude attracts success

Your choice of attitude will definitely affect your success. First learn how you feel. Then, define how you can engage in the right philosophical thinking to ensure you discipline yourself towards your future.

Price always comes with promise with the right attitude, progress and action. Engage in extra price of doing the needful by reading, learning the act, doing your office work as if you owe that enterprise.

Ensure you handle the negative attitude which can come as a result of pressure or societal problems. It is war that exists in the human mind.  


Your everyday thinking help in shaping your value and attitude towards success and achievements of life.

Manage your time optimally and be obsessed with things that channel you towards achievement of an excellent life.

Be the emperor and hero of your life.

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  1. Excellent advice on how to stay positive and focus on things that will increase your value and help you to be successful.

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