Plan the Year

The year has already started. It is time to plan, strategize and make meaningful decisions on how our year will go.

If we fail to plan, we then plan to fail.

Here are some steps we can take to fulfill and achieve our dream in the year.

1. Plan and make Positive Decision

There is need to plan the year’s activities in order to familiarize oneself with what and how things need to be done. Write down the things you want to achieve, prioritize them and make decision on the ones that comes first, according to their importance and need. Action your plan and never give up until achievement of that which you mapped out. Be positive, optimistic and ready to pay the prize.

Nothing good comes easy. Miracles happen, but most of the time one work for miracles.

Make yourself worthy of actualizing your plan by visioning your goal. Implement the needed changes little by little. You might not be able to change what goes on around you without changing yourself.

Start small, but dream big

2. Dream Big

Start small in what you want to achieve and dream big. To unleash the power of your dream, it needs to be well defined so that it will not be fussy. Your dream must be vivid (clear) for it to be courageously achieved.

Promise yourself that you will do what it takes to achieve your goal. Be positive and courageous in having the ability to achieve your dream piece – by – piece.

Do what it takes to achieve your objective, get the needed advice, mentor, training or skill required. Do the needful and be positive to achieve the dream.

Drive your plan

3. Drive the Vision

Actualize set out plan by driving and working towards making the dream a reality. Do not be diverted by unnecessary things. They are nothing but distractions. Regardless of what people say, be focused in achieving your dream. There will always be storm to cause obstacle. Be courageous and positive to always overcome the storm.

Be motivated in your down time with hope of better things ahead. Learn from mistake and failures. They are part of the step to the success story.

Success stories are not magical, there is always the ups and down.

4. Doubt not your Ability

Believe in your ability. Do not sell yourself short. Grab on every opportunity that comes your way. Be eager to acquire and conquer your doubt. Develop the remarkable ability to get that which you desire. You can achieve it with proper planning, strategy, perseverance, patience and discipline.

Work on your ambition and be ambitious. Ambition is what you live for at every moment. Take things step by step, one at a time.

Have the eager desire to achieve your year’s plan. See, dream and plan it. Go through the right steps to achieve your goal. Be patient enough to allow things manifest at their own course.

Things can get clumsy at times. We do not have to change what is going on outside in the world, we might not have the power over that. But, we can change what goes on within us.

A minor strategy to achieving your goal can be to change how you look at things and people will change how they look at you. Start at little things that make others happy, like a smile or hi (greeting). You cannot do it alone. Sometimes, we gain our success by making others happy.

Words like ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’, ‘Sorry’, ‘I appreciate’ can go a long way in creating opportunities for us.

We can decide to develop ourselves and achieve our dream.

Be Positive! for a fruitful year

Wish you a fruitful and fulfilling year.

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