Key to a better future

The major key to your better future is ‘You’.

Have you ever imagined why some people with the same resources, education and qualification progress more than others?  Two people have the same time and potentials but one will perform and be more successful than the other.  They can be employed in an office on the same day with similar portfolio, but one is earning more than the other.

Value creates your person

What then is the difference? What caused the gap in earning and reward?

‘Value’ makes the difference in result.

You are rewarded or paid for value you bring to the table, how you help solve a problem. The question is ‘Can you be as valuable as you want to be? The answer is ‘Yes’.

Work harder on yourself! Develop above average. For things to change positively; you need to change yourself, otherwise they won’t change. Events are not going to change; you are the one to change.

‘Opportunity is a defeat of difficulties’.

Learn how to identify opportunity. Opportunity follows difficulties. Take advantage of challenging issues because opportunity lies in them.

Life and business is like changing season. You cannot change season but you can definitely change yourself. You can learn how to handle irregularities; be it social, political or economic difficulties. Deal with the inflation. Develop strategies to handle any obstacle on the way.

Get stronger, wiser, better and more refined with happening and experience of the day. In life, do not wish for less challenge rather wish for more wisdom, skill or strategy to handle issues that enfold.

Learn how to take care of your business, job or ventures. Master the act of preventing intruders from taking possession of your values. All values must be defended; be it social, relationship, career, political or economic value. A defended value makes you eligible to harvest your labour.

Take control of your investments with full responsibility. Applaud yourself for the good deeds and learn from mistakes made. Mistakes are part of the development process. They are like shadows of our reflection that direct us to the limelight of success.

Build your success with your unique value and potential

Building Success

Success is hard to build. It comes with a lot of positivity and patience as it takes time. You can start by planning and turning your ideas into positive action by being persistence, resilient and hardworking in what you do. Always dream big to come out big.

The good thing is that you can start small. Every big thing, be it business or ventures started small. You can start by doing what you are passionate about. You don’t need to start with the hard part of being too harsh on yourself. Check what works for you and what does not.

Most people success comes from their side hustle. They actualize their dreams by engaging in ‘hobby’ act – what they are passionate about. They might not take it too serious at the beginning, but because of passion and consistency; they strive.

Take a look at ‘Mark Zukeberg’ the founder of ‘Facebook’. He just wanted to create a platform to chat and communicate with friends as well as colleagues which is what he likes doing The creation of the system landed him a fortune which he never foresee in the beginning. He applied wisdom in converting his actions to wealth and achieved success.

Equip your brain with the right faculty


Wisdom in simple terms is ability of one to use ones brain at the appropriate time and in a right manner.

To be progressive and successful in life, you need wisdom. You arrive at the destination of a journey when you apply wisdom in solving problems within and around you. In solving these problems, you need facts, technical knowledge, and basic skills with common sense to compound and break bounds.

Common sense is application of wisdom in what we do, who we meet, how we communicate or interact, what we see and how we manage issues. Everyone has wisdom but not everyone utilize his/her wisdom.

We gain and utilize our sense ability by asking questions and using our conscience as guidance. For us to make optimum use of our inner being – our conscience, we need to be honest to ourselves. What will your life be like if you are honest to yourself? That is wisdom in implicit.

Part of wisdom is to know what you have and finding means to gain what you do not have. Notice the pattern and connection of things in life. Use your head and apply right words at the appropriate time.

know what to say and how to say it

Use of Words

Words have a way to dramatically connect you to your dreams in life. In alignment to this, develop interest in people of like minds; be fascinated in your abilities to make things happen positively in your life.

Turn your frustration into fascination by asking questions and strategizing ways of solving problems; transforming them to opportunities. Take for instance you are frustrated with poor electricity supply in your area. You can take this as a challenge to think and devise means of providing power for your needs.

Your words should reflect your person. Be sensitive to people’s needs. You succeed when you help people solve their needs. Think of the rich and successful people you know – starting from Bill Gate, founder of Microsoft; Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, J.K. Rowland, author of Potter series, Oprah Winfry, influential talk show host and Aliko Dangote, owner of industries and one of the highest employer of labor in Nigeria.

All these people have one thing in common – they solved a problem by providing a necessity for the populace. Some of them educate, others provided means to solve a need. They all added ‘value’ to individuals and society. None of them succeeded as an island. They used people to create their fortune.

You succeed through activities of others. Be in touch with people’s emotions by your words. Reflect positively with words that come out of your mouth. Acquire the needed knowledge and use wisdom to say the right word at the right time.

Empathize with people on what they go through. Few right words can make a difference in your dealing with a customer or a potential investor. It could be challenging but with practice, you will master the act. Read your prospects to know what to do or say, whether to go on with a word to shift chairs.

Choose your words well. Your word portrays you and what you do; it uplifts or drowns you.


In summary, we harvest what we plant. We all posses different potentials which we need to harness for us to create the desired difference in our lives. Opportunities are bountiful, but most of the time fear of the unknown withdraws us from tapping into those opportunities. They can come in many forms – challenge, mistake, glimpse ventures and the like. We need wisdom to discover the opportunities in these uncertainties.

Wisdom is what helps us in unscrewing the opportunity in difficulties. Combine wisdom and potentials to create a ‘value’ that can catapult you to greater height that will lead to success.

In climbing up the ladder of success, learn to understand the importance of human being. No one ever made it on ones’ own. You need people to push you up that ladder. A better future or tomorrow involves you being positive towards people by showing them right attitude, empathize with them when need be. Always use the right word at all times for words can build or destroy us.

Finally, ‘value’ pushes and keeps you up the ladder of success.  

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