Writing down events and experiences of life in a paper-like form on regular bases help us to be articulate, proactive, confident and focused in our objectives. In the present time and age, the human brain is so ambiguous that we tend to be forgetful most of the time. This is why is so essential for us humans to keep abreast of activities in our lives. The purpose of this is to help individuals relive issues for future use.

Practical experience leads to better thinking and better decisions as well. Putting down notes of regular activities can help one to becoming more effective person in practice.

A good journal should be:

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Comprehensive
  • Unambiguous and
  • Handy

Keeping a note inspires one to discover and actualize great things in life, as every great thing starts with an inspiration. One can get meaningful thoughts and direction from jotting real life events, assimilating and memorizing what have been written down.

When you keep a record of significant things in life, it can help you to know what to do, and what not to do; making you a positive and strategic thinker – wholly in charge of your decision.

The life we live move in circles. There might be similar occurrences of incidences in a life. A previous experience can likely reoccur. Keeping a record or jotting it down can help you handle relative issues effectively.

One of the keys to life success is flexibility. We must be on the look to facilitate and accommodate new ideas in life. Keeping a record of happenings in life is one of such. Develop the habit to always be with your journal to note down significant experience (facts and observations) of day to day life or time. It helps add up meaning and value to your life.

The purpose of keeping a journal is to help in offering solutions, configuring ways of moving out of situations. It figures out meaning to life, people, business, dilemmas and most essentially figuring out oneself.

Journal helps you in discovering your true self. For instance, when you write down an issue/problem – be it experience or happening of the day, your subconscious mind automatically triggers to seeking for solution on the matter; how to make things right. It creates space between you and the problem, giving gab for solutions to grow.

Writing down events or circumstances down helps to clarify things to our minds as imagination tends to overwhelm our mind.

Journal directs and gives you key to life

Success is not a result of making more out of life but a result of using ones resources which include intellect, experience, happenings; using them to articulate and coordinate oneself.

Describing things on a paper can help create new picture that will dissolve a distortion in our mind. The moment you see things as they are – written down in black and white; rather than how you thought that they exist, create avenue to make things better. This helps in providing creative solution and efficient decision making.

Analyze on regular basis, what you have on paper to digest them and learn the needed lesson in them.

Writing down ideas or thoughts in paper makes you better. Naturally, things get better when one gets better. When you encounter obstacles, look for weak points in them; reflect on your journal to tackle them, as every obstacle has at least one loop hole. Solve the problem with positive attitude as well as a good strategic plan.

View problems clearly, put them down for clarity and observe them step by step to see their real image and composition. You will see the problem the way it is while making you proffers tactical solution to solve the problem.

Learn from Mistakes

You learn from problems and preferred solutions given to them. Even when one make mistake, a lesson will still be learnt from it.

Mistakes are education of life.

Knowing our mistake will help us not to repeat the same mistake, as every mistake has its own price to pay. Most costly errors are those where lessons were not learnt, thus leading to repetition of such.

Make revision with your writing and thinking; write down problems you encounter as well as steps taken to solve the problem. This will help one not to repeat a mistake the second time. Keep a journal of this can help you follow the track.

Ways you can use Journal

1. Use Journal to Capture Ideas

There is a saying that goes “what we do not capture today is lost forever” we capture by keeping journal of our experience, observation and happenings in life. It can be source of inspiration as it helps us to note ideas and create opportunities.

Keeping a journal is like being a diligent student. Life rewards serious and diligent ones. There are a lot of things in life that the human memory could not capture except we put it down in paper to remind us. Capturing ideas that flows from books, religion, conference and experience can be done on paper.

Get serious with capturing ideas in a journal. It can be used for business, time management, personal development among others.

Writing ideas make them more familiar in our minds. Ideas have time and place, even if it makes no meaning at the moment, it will serve very well when the need arises.

2. Source of Information

Failure is attributed to lack of information or ideas. A journal of ideals helps you capture information. Review your ideas on regular basis. Developing the habit of writing down our emotions, observations and others in paper creates positive result making one better to understand whom one is and purpose in life.

Putting down our joy, happiness and sorrows in paper can help in overcoming challenges as we capture and ponder on paper ourselves. This can bridge the gap between oneself and better future.

Benefits of keeping journal include:

a. Improves our understanding of events/thoughts

Writing down things on paper helps us to organize our thoughts, thus making them comprehensible. Record of daily events, thoughts and feelings about experiences can sharpen our inner thoughts.

b. Clarifies our thoughts

It narrows and makes our thoughts clearer. We see things clearly as they flow out from our mind, making us able to point out how to effectively manage them.

c. Boost creativity and innovation

Keeping a diary is a great way to unleash our creativity. Everyone has the potential to be creative; it’s natural, just that most of us haven’t discovered it yet. A journal is the best place to start exploring our inner creativity. Write down anything that comes to your mind. Let your imaginations run wild and record it in a diary. You will find yourself creating innovative things from them.

d. Help in mental alertness

Our brain is likely to store information that we have written down in our diary. Your brain will make stronger connections with the information you have learnt after you write them down in a diary, making it easier for you to recall in the future too!

e. Improves our physical and mental alertness

It is important to continuously engage in activities that stimulate and challenge our minds. Just like our muscles need exercise, our brain needs mental workouts as well. Engaging in activities that keep challenging your mind can help in physical and mental alertness. Keeping a journal helps in enriching our brain; as the mind is one of the most powerful and intricate tools that we possess.

f. Help in self reflection

Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Our fast-paced lives can become even more hectic as we start shouldering on more responsibility, making us feel the pressure as others place high expectations on us. This results in us getting frenzied as we are easily caught up with the day-to-day.

Journaling is a good way to help us to stop in wrong track, take a step back and reflect on ourselves. We can self-reflect on gratitude or what we did today and write it in our diary. Daily reflection can also be done at night before bed. We can look back at our life in a journal and think about how we’ve changed and what we can do to improve ourselves.

g. Reduces Stress

Writing down your feelings helps you to “brain-dump” your anxieties, frustrations and pains on a journal. This can help you to reduce and release any stress which you have accumulated overtime. A good way to relive stress is to write in the stream of consciousness style first thing in the morning.

Expressing yourself in a diary is a good way to free up any tension that prevents you from feeling happy.

f. Maximize achievement of goals

A journal is a good place to write your goals, ambitions, aspirations and new year resolutions. By keeping them in a diary, you can monitor your progress and feel motivated to continue to focus on your next milestone!

Keeping a journal, reflecting our lives in paper can transform us to better individuals.

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