Fundamentals of Positive Life- for Excellence and Success

Year 2020 has been critical in Nigeria and the world at large; starting from the announcement of Corona virus infection early in the year followed by Lockdown infected in many nations. Many lost their jobs and means of livelihood thereby inflicting hardship on the populace. This was followed by ‘END SARS’ protest that was hijacked by hoodlums resulting in loss of lives with goods and properties worth billions of ‘Naira’ destroyed. School children were kidnapped in northern part of the country late part of the year, though many of them were later rescued.

2020 has been a traumatic year for many. We thank God for survival.

 Sometime ago, I was on phone conversation with a friend discussing about the issues of life. We talked about the present state of the nation and how people are deviating from the positive way of life to engage in all kinds of scrupulous activities to survive or escape some sought of punishment from the law.

The situation is worsened with the fact that many live what most individuals term as fake life. They claim what they are not, both in their personal and career life.

People live a life devoid of plan of what they want or intend to achieve. Many want to succeed but do not know how to go about it. As the year 2020 draw to a close, the question then is;

How do we live a life that will reflect excellence and success?

There are many avenues that can be employed in achieving excellence and success in life. They are regarded as the fundamentals of living a positive life. Among them are;


We need the ability to communicate our ideas and thoughts in clear, positive and understandable terms.

Pay attention to details of things happening within and around you.

So many things are happening these days. Do not say it does not concern you. No one can live a life of isolation. We live in a world with different kinds of people and different things happen every day. Be cognizant of facts of life, you can then choose how you can assimilate or react to them..

Being aware of those facts or issues of life makes you knowledgeable enough to understand the dos and don’ts in order to stay safe and focus in achieving your life dreams.

Know when to talk, when to keep quiet, when to communicate via body language and when to let things go, because there are situations that are better left unscratched.

Not allowing negative parts of life to affect us is an attribute we all need to imbibe in our life routines to excel and achieve our life goals.

We can accomplish the objectives by being confident of our abilities and potentials.


Be a confident leader of your person by speaking up for yourself and building up your personality. Be able to draw straight lines on who you are, what you want and the way to move. Your words and actions should reflect your person.

Confidence pushes worry away. Trust your abilities and believe in your capabilities. Figure out new ways of solving problems. Possess personal confident on what you do, your potentials.

Inspire and motivate yourself while building up your dream. Develop a plan and create your ideal life in a positive direction. Employ the right attributes – eat healthy, exercise, rest, read to improve, talk well, exercise patience among others.

Always take time to analyze your progress, to make your goals better for growth and success.

Confident people build an aura of happiness around them no matter the situation and are positive towards themselves and what they do. They are knowledgeable, self motivated and are inspired by their effort as well as little things around them. Their character and reputation speaks for them. They live up to their identity.

Respond according to situation

Act according to situation of things. Let things touch you. Let feelings of events strike you. Cry when things are bad but don’t get stock with the situation. Get the lessons needed and move on.

Feel happy when things are on track. Celebrate yourself when you are performing and events are moving accordingly. Be encouraged and inspired by the good tidings.

Move with the tide.

Pay attention to details

 Never go off the ability to pay attention to details of things happening in and around your life including the happenings in the environment. Do not say it does not concern you, nobody is an island. You cannot live in isolation. More so, issues in our society have impact in our life and wellbeing.

You can take a picture of things in your mind; discard the ones that you feel are not useful and pay attention to the beneficial ones. Use them to protect and develop your potentials.

Don’t be too casual else you might become a casualty.

Self Reflect

Ensure you reflect on things you have done in your life. You can do this daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. This makes you see situation in a clearer perspective for better decision taking concerning future actions.

Go through your feelings, emotions, highs, lows, lock the experience and let things move in your life. If you feel you are being choked with happenings around you or that your head is getting overwhelmed with irregularities of the moment; take a time off and cool yourself. Go on vacation.

Take a vacation to reflect, shut out on the world and absorb on yourself to regain your balance and know your stand in life. Are you moving positively towards your goal or you are going off the track? You can leverage on your findings to let the past serve as a ‘value’ for a better future.

Life reflection is not only essential in your personal life but will bring about success of everything you do in life; be it in family, career, spiritual life and relationship as a friend, father, mother, sister or a brother.

Reflection makes us to bring more and make the best out of our lives.  We gather the past; learn the lesson and experience to build a desired future. You can write them down for better understanding and assimilation.

In a situation where you are confused of making wrong decisions or not being on track; you can always share your ideas to gain opinion from others.

Share ideas with people

Sharing of ideas can help to elaborate your instincts and potentials. You can share your opinions, time, knowledge, experience and others for positive outcome on how to solve a problem.

People have different talents and abilities. Even a child can add or make you see what is missing in that functional idea. You gather more for better decision making.

It makes you grow as your subconscious grow, holding more of next experience and not to worry about uncertainties.

Kill the worry

Worry might kill your dreams, your potentials and vitality of achieving your dream. Never worry about your circumstances, your future, your finances or what people thought about you. These things might pull you down physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Worry or complain is economic killer of time and energy.

It might not be easy, but the overcoming of the challenge worth it; for you will be free from the grip. Worry disturbs the mind, distorting your thoughts and impacting negatively on you by wasting your mental energy and ability.

To overcome this challenge, recognize and admit that you worry. Acknowledge that you are a victim of this draining and dangerous act.  Admit that it is an undue concern over things you might  have little or no control on, thus might not change the situation with the act.

Take mental analyses of the things you worry about, bring them to table and analyze your fears. Weigh your  fears against your concerns. Face the worry, conquer it and take the best out of it. Evaluate positive constructions to nullify the fears taking the good part of you.

Gather your energy, ability and potentials put in worrying to actions to excel in what you do instead of backsliding. Develop the intelligence to give your challenges the best beat by disciplining your disappointments. Have the confidence that you can do it.

Success is a sacrifice and action of a long journey. Challenges will make you better if you decide not to give up.

In building confidence,  be philosophical and apply the needed attitude to ensure you are accountable and responsible to yourself as well as your deeds. Be somebody people can reckon on – in your business, office, church, mosque, family, school, market or anywhere you operate. Your belief and action portrays your real you and can promote your confidence.

Whatever you belief in; nurture it, learn and promote it. Develop your personal philosophy on what to do and what not to do. The system will help you to be aware of dangers, to minimize them and maximize opportunities.

Most people develop themselves through personal experience for ‘experience they say is the best teacher’. Do it yourself, even if you fail, you can never fail again. You learn from your mistakes as well as other people’s mistake. Be positive and challenge yourself to be the best you can.

Embrace Challenge

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Every well handled challenge will make you better. Face the problem with positive attitude and action. You need to go against the tide of problems.

Your sacrifices will pay off someday, bearing in mind that your challenges will pave way to success. This reward should inspire you to keep pushing until you overcome.

Focus on creating solution to solve challenges.

Discipline yourself to make improvement on your life each day. Read and learn to broaden your knowledge on issues. Your success will be defined on how hard you work to achieve your dreams.


Take a picture in your mind of where you want to be in 4, 5, 10 years; pick up the courage to develop your potentials to succeed. We are affected by what we do. Therefore, live a good life that is positive, productive and fulfilled.

Remember, positive affirmations are good but actions make affirmations a reality or disillusion, for truth corrects error of judgment. Figure out the wrong and make out changes. Take up the challenge and turn things around.

Measure your own success for success is a game of progress.

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