Discipline – Key to Positive Life

As I was passing the street of Lagos today, the sight of hustling and bustling got me thinking. There was so much recklessness in the land. Many were moving hastily, some were aggressive to others, rushing like they’re the only one on the road, motorists causing hold-ups  for selfish reasons, touts trying to block commercial vehicles to collect money. There was so much disorderliness in the land. People lack discipline to coordinate and manage activities.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is the ability of having self-restraint and controlling ones behaviour even when it feels like not to. It is an act of taking responsibility of doing the right thing at the right time. It is a set of standard rules that builds an individual’s principles and actions. You control your emotions, impulses, desires and behaviours through self -discipline.

Globally, morale is decaying very fast in our society – in our individual lives, career, business, name it. Things are going bananas. This calls for us to be discipline in our deeds as tough time calls for tougher measures.

Discipline is honourable  in times of decision taking as it makes you to know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’. It takes a good decision to do things right.

The Holy book said that ‘righteousness exalt a nation’, thus, discipline is used to make things right. The best way to make things right is to unlearn old mindset that are bad and learn the ones that are good.  You will be in control of your actions, reactions and emotions thereby strengthening your inner self for the better. Discipline is important in life, profession and career.

Discipline in Life

In life, we prioritize our activities. It is only discipline that can help us do this in a correct manner, such that we build our character and positively be productive. Not yielding to desires or something you truly want is a sign of strength. Making and standing by right decision even when it appears uncomfortable can only be possible through discipline.

Discipline is the way to live; as it helps you to:

  • Imbibes orderliness in life
  •  Be your real you thereby applying common sense in all situation.
  • Prevent you from living above your means.
  • Differentiate the good from the bad.
  • Avoid depression – by controlling yourself from over threshing your threshold. 
  • Achieve your goals as you make right decisions, prioritize and plan them accordingly until the desired objective is achieved.
  • Overcome addictions mostly negative ones.
  • Remain healthy, active and dynamic.
  • Get motivated in what you do.
  • Achieve and accomplish goals.
  • Have a stress-free life as activities would be well planned and actions executed at the right time.

The list is endless.

Discipline enables you to be in absolute control of things you do. You will know what to do, then exhibit them in a manner and way that seems best appropriate. It is being built. People inculcate and develop the value to be disciplined. It doesn’t fall from the sky. It is what we create and imbibe as a process of living a positive life. Your thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviour and even thoughts must be in check.

Building Discipline in life

‘Nothing good comes easy’. A high percentage of our behaviour comes with habit. Living a discipline life is a habit that needs to be developed. The first step is to make a decision, setting your mind and culturing yourself to living right. Take it step by step, the most important thing is to be consistent with your development. You can start by taking your meals at a specific time range (things as little as that can be a step in the positive direction). Advance to cautioning yourself, knowing when to talk or act and when to keep mute. Every individual is different though; figure out what works for you and what does not.  

Inculcate certain habits in building yourself up; be grateful for what you have and what you can achieve. Learn to forgive yourself of the wrongs you’ve done and those that have offended you. Transform yourself from lessons learnt from such; so as to focus on achievement of your goal. Get adequate sleep to boost your reasoning to enable you have good mind judgement. Exercise to reduce your stress level and elevate the general body condition. Organize yourself to decluster your mind and activities.

Time management is crucial for inculcating discipline. Ensure you manage the limited time in a day by prioritizing your activities.

If you are cultured and have a conscience, listen to your inner mind in times of confusion on what to do. Your inner mind has a strong will power to guide and direct you on the right channel to take when in doubt.

Develop the habit of inculcating discipline in your life, be consistent with your practice and over time you will master the act. Discipline makes your life easier as it has the tendency of increasing your skill set.

Nevertheless, there are challenges in the course of developing the habit of discipline. You will encounter obstacles, among which is frustration of maintaining the right path as many only want the easy way out, which most times leads to destruction.

 It takes determination to be disciplined in a society that seeks immediate gratification and pleasure in life.

Discipline in Career

Know when to hold your tongue, keeping quiet and when to speak. Discipline helps you have self control that trains your mind and character. When trying to achieve a goal, discipline helps you to make the positive decisions by enabling you make the right choice among options.

Decisions are not made by what you feel; instead strategically analyze a matter, guiding yourself in doing what is right irrespective of your feelings.  It makes you have the needed authority to overcome obstacles and challenges that come your way. You’ll be focused in achieving a desired goal.

 In accordance to one of my secret mentors, there are four key points to have discipline.

4 key points of Discipline

  1. Don’t look for praise, look for criticism. If you want to be a disciplined individual in your career, people’s critics will help build you up. Be it in your workplace, occasion, meeting, at home, place of worship, anywhere you are criticized for one reason or the other, pick one or two words of what is being said and use them to build yourself up. It makes you a better person.
  2. Don’t look for opportunities; what you have at hand is an opportunity, so make use of it. If you are in a business or you are looking for a chance to make your life better, whatever you have with you is the opportunity you are looking for. It can be in form of the talent, idea or something you have been nursing in your mind. Utilize the resources or potentials at your disposal and apply discipline. You will see yourself reaching your dream height.
  3. Accept responsibilities: Discipline makes you to accept responsibilities in life and not to blame the other person for anything that goes wrong. It makes us see every action or reaction of ours as our making and accept the result of it whether good or bad.
  4. Avoid overpromise: Especially for those in business, discipline will help you to cut your coat according to your size. You do not have to over promise in things you know that might be too difficult for you to do. Instead of this, you can over deliver on your promise. This will not only get your customers to trust you but will brand your image and protect your integrity.

Discipline in business help you to master the gods of the business by showing you how the business can make money and sustain it for a long period.

Humans are social being so we cannot do without relating with each other. We talk, communicate and commune with others. We don’t leave in isolation. Discipline in life help us to know ‘when to talk’, ‘what to talk’, ‘manner to present our opinion at every point in time’. It helps us have respect for ourselves and others.

We are in the era of social media, people talk carelessly without paying attention to the kind of words they use on others. They insult and talk back on their elders without mincing words. You cannot be disciplined and disrespect others. Discipline and Respect go hand in hand. If you respect yourself and others, you will be disciplined enough not to behave in a manner that is disrespectful or inhuman.

For instance, the issue of rape that is surging our nation is as a result of indiscipline. People no longer value morale neither do they have positive principles. They see their fellow human a mere object that can be used or toyed with. Very pathetic!

Discipline helps you to have a conscience to know when you are doing wrong and when you are doing right. It brings out the humanity in you without removing your human value.

In life, “confidence comes from discipline and training” – Robert Kiyosaki

With discipline, you can achieve success in your life, career or business. It gives you the positive power to explore opportunities and fulfill your dream.

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