Confidence: Key to Life Success

Confidence which comes from the latin word ‘fidere’  meaning ‘to trust’ symbolizes a state of trusting one’s abilities and capabilities.  It evolves the assurance of one’s personal judgment, power and potentials; professing a positive belief to achieve a goal or acclaim oneself.

Self confidence is your self worth. The understanding of this self worth is a stepping stone to life progress. The way we feel, see and think of our person has a lot to say about whom we are and our abilities.

Lack of Confidence can make one feel worthless, like a loser. Confidence makes you proud of whom you are.

Confidence comes from the inside, it proceeds within a person and emanates outside. It gets most part of the individual by changing state of mind.

There are ways to create the needed self confidence that we need, they include:

1. Celebrate your Achievement

We gain confidence by motivating ourselves through acknowledgement of those things that we do right. When you accomplish a goal, celebrate yourself.

Affirm your great side. Take a mental shift of your abilities, from the bad to the good. It will surely lead to positive results.

2. Be Ready to Learn something New

Learning a new thing – be it skill or experience gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. It helps to overcome challenges, making one succeed in something new, thus developing faith in ones abilities. Never be afraid of new things.

There might be issue of fear of the unknown in learning new things. See fear or failure as an adventure to progress in life. It is a tool to life progression.

3. Dress confidently

The way you dress, act and compose yourself can make you more confident. Take care of your look. Self confidence is a combination of physical and mental well being of oneself. Your image and brand depends so much on your aura and how you comport yourself around others.  Individual’s presence tells a lot of how confident one is as a person.

Dress in a way that makes you appealing and smart. You will be more comfortable talking and speaking with others confidently, boosting your morale. Apply the physiological approach to conquer yourself and be strong in your ability.

The way you move your body, facial expression, compose, speak and smell denote a lot about your personality and confidence.

4. Smell Great

Body scent can change one’s mood. We feel great when we stay or surround ourselves with someone with a luring deodorant. Good smell uplifts the mind and creates a profound confidence in a person.

Great smell boost confidence and promotes self esteem.

5. Relax yourself

Learn to relax yourself. This can be achieved by listening to good music or the like. It uplifts the spirit, reviving your emotion; making you express yourself in best possible ways you can ever imagine. It creates and improves your confidence, making you overcome the negativity.

You can as well play assimilating video games to relax body nerves. It makes you feel better and boost your confidence.

Please, ensure you apply caution and play the games in moderation. Too much of it can cause harm. Too much TV as well is a confidence killer.

6. Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise makes you physically and mentally stable. It feels you with energy, making you have the feeling that you can literally conquer anything, making you more courageous.

Exercise makes the brain more focused and determined to accomplish goals. It makes you gain confidence.

7. Support Others

Flood your brain with happiness by making others feel good. Discard negative emotions, motivate and encourage others to gain confidence. This adequately makes you feel good and boost you own self confidence.

Smile to others to boost their self esteem. Human beings are social being; motivating them with simple things like simple smile affects them positively and indirectly makes you more confident.

Strategies to Build Confidence

a. Turn Fear into Excitement

One way to build confidence is to conquer the fear you feel within (inwardly) to excitement by activating your emotional census to that of courage. Overcome the fear by telling your mind that the experience is going to make you better, you are leaving your comfort zone to a place that will heighten you up.

b. Adopt a Growth Mindset

Formally, I have the opinion that I cannot change much of the happenings in my life. I believe that some are born to make it while others are assign to their fate. The moment I switch my mindset from that to seeing myself that I can change my situation for good –  I can transform my life for better; I started being more positive and confident in things I do. This enables me to be more creative in my thinking, developing a growth mindset and being more confident in my abilities.

Lift yourself from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Believe that anything can be learnt with the right mindset, effort and hard-work. Apply your intelligence and creative abilities to develop and improve yourself in any area of life irrespective of any challenge. Try new experience, skills, ideas; start with small ones and grow big. This will make you more confident in growing yourself and boosting your self esteem as well.

c. Work on your Self Esteem

Self-worth which is self-esteem is key to building confidence and emotional well being of individuals. The value you place on yourself, your abilities, beliefs and overall subjective sense of your person drive confidence. Feel good about yourself and take committed effort/action; one step at a time to improve on it.

Make a list of things you belief that can improve your confidence and boost your self esteem. Write them down; from the easiest to the hardest. Start from the least of it, it can be as small as facing yourself in the mirror or looking up to someone while talking to them.

Lack of confidence or self – esteem can be reflected in things as little as not being able to look someone in the eyes or boldly stand before others. It can be deemed as an image saboteur especially in the professional world. The shyness or lack of confidence can rob you of your inner talent as well as competence when you are seen for the first time. For example, if one find oneself giving a presentation, demonstration, conducting a meeting or briefing an audience, there is need to braze up with a few breathing exercise, focusing on the people. You can practice in front of mirror to push yourself to excellence. Hold the audience with good eye contact, roam your eye if they are many, not looking at one particular person or thing.

d. Have Eye Contact

Looking at the young millennial today, the issue of confidence is one major aspect to be looked on. One major way of showing your confidence is engaging in eye contact while speaking or talking.

Direct eye contact does not mean starring right into the eyes of another for a long time that would imply something wrong. Your eye contact indeed says a lot about you and your personality. It is highly influenced by culture the people you are with as well as the environment. What is applicable in European country might not be applicable in African nation. Culture creates a kind on influence on the way we behave and act especially towards elders.

In the business world, eye contact is important as it speaks the kind of person you are. In deliberating or addressing your team, colleagues, superiors, customers and acquaintances, eye contact is needed to command or send needed information.

Eye contact influences the respect you desire or acquire. In the professional world, looking at others ensures they are important while you are also in control of the situation or the day. As a leader your direct eye contact is expected.


We can boost our confidence and self-esteem by identifying our core values in life and run with them.

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