8 Post Lockdown Effect

The world has faced unprepared set of challenges in the recent times from global pandemic to shutting down of activities. This has affected life politically, economically, socially and even technologically. Things have not been the same and might not be the same for a long time to come.

The pandemic called COVID-19 that affected most countries in the world lead to nations locking down activities and citizens were asked to stay indoors in order to curtail the spread of the virus. The Lockdown is still taking effect in some countries while others are relaxing theirs gradually.

People will face unprepared set of challenges from this global pandemic that lead to collapsing down on life normal activities.

Here are the 8 aftereffects of the Lockdown:-

  1. Crumbling of Businesses

Many businesses are going to experience a lot of trial periods. A lot of companies’ especially small businesses that’s just starting up might close down due to lack of capital to fund their businesses. Most other firms might have to downsize their workforce and thereby reduce operational activities because of unfavourable slow down of economic, political and social activities.

Businesses are crumbling

Thou things might not be rosy, businesses like farming, food production and few other aspects might experience a boom as people will eat more and general activities slow down. A woman was saying of how her farm business was flourishing as people book ahead of her products; while some are sinking down.

Companies should embrace the situation and key into their strengths to overcome the present condition. Most severe situations can be turned around for good. In every challenge there’s a hidden opportunity in it. Organizations/businesses should look out for business opportunities in their environment and leverage on it to make the best out of it in order to sustain their business.

2. Increase in Depression

People are facing a lot of mental challenges over the period. So much has happened and all these are taking toil on people’s reasoning and mental function. Man’s greatest enemy is the human mind. Your mind will go to many negative things that are not working well in your life, thereby making you depressed.

Depression is bad

Depressed individuals should console themselves. Nothing last forever, bad condition/situation fades away. The only constant thing in life is ‘change’. Be positive, things will change for good. Give it sometime.

Remember, the best counselor you have is yourself. Speak positive talks to your ‘inner self’ and you will see things transforming for the better.

Owe up and engage in effective communication with what is causing the depression. Talk to anyone you trust – friend, colleague, brother, sister, spouse etc. Seek for medical help or counseling when you cannot handle situation.

3. Rise in Unemployment

Many individuals will lose their jobs. Their source of livelihood will be taken away from them. People will be financially stranded as they will have little or nothing to fall back on.

I saw news going around in social media of one of the prominent banks in Nigeria laying off more than 70% of their workforce. Other sectors are not left out, aviation industry; private companies laying off their staff. Some of these workers were asked to embark on indefinite leave without pay.

Some others are slashing down the salary of employees with almost less than 50% pay.

The greatest relief an individual will get is when he’s independent and don’t have to be stressed with bossy actions from the one he’s answerable  to at the place of work. Even if your job is taken away, your life is with you. It’s an opportunity to put on the thinking cap and reason on how you can be  independent and be boss of your own.

Others have been doing it and are successful. Be positive, believe in your ability, you can make it. If people can succeed in starting their own business, you can make it too. Believe and trust in your abilities.

4. Rise in Crime

Because so many have lost their source of livelihood, there will be increase in crime in the society; theft of valuables including ‘pick pockets’ will be more.

There will be rise in cyber-crimes, ‘yahoo yahoo’ will increase. Some criminals will pose as helpers only to siphon people’s money.

Individuals should be willful of the person next to person. People have to be careful of anybody or platform claiming to help alleviate their suffering by requesting them to submit personal details like bank account, BVN, pin number etc online. Verify any online transaction before carrying it out.

Guard yourself very well when moving on the road, office and even your house. Ensure that every necessary areas like the gate, doors etc that need to be on lock are locked at the proper time. Avoid late night at this period please. Perform all your necessary activities during the day and return home before the dusk. Be at alert always. It pays to do so.

5. Increase in Domestic Violence

Many are trapped in the house with their partners in this Lockdown period. People are taking out their frustrations of lack of money, going down of business on their partners. Wife/Husband beating, rape, maltreatment of different kinds will rise because people will try to take their anger or frustration on others.

Always calm down in midst of anger and learn to control yourself when you are stressed or frustrated. Be in charge of your emotions. Taking out your anger or frustration on others do not solve any problem instead it worsens it and brings out the beast in you. Ignore whatsoever that upsets you or better still walk out of the scene if you cannot control yourself. Your mind will come down after sometime.

6. Hunger in the Land

Because of the lockdown, people had stayed at home leading to low or no businesses. Offices had shut down, individuals were not free to move around for their normal day to day activities, because of the fear of the deadly virus on one hand and entering into the hands of the authorities to risk going to jail on the other hand. For these reasons, people find it extremely difficult to fend for themselves and their dependant coupled with the fact that so many public and private workers were not paid during the period of the lockdown.

Too much hunger in the land

Resources to satisfy human wants become increasingly scarce while the means are not available. Both young and old are subjected to hardship, thus increasing hunger in the land. So many could not afford two square meals per day, some could not even be able to eat once a day. Despite this fact, some have enough to eat. Manage what you can afford. We should also learn to be each other’s keeper. Take care of your neighbours <a href = https://positivelife.com.ng/organiseyourfriends/> people </a> around you.

7. Increase in Poverty

Around 10% of global society was in poverty before lockdown. The number has precedent over the last few months of compulsory stay at home. According to WHO; approximately 1.2 billion people globally are living in extreme poverty of less than one dollar per day. This figure increases regularly and the amount reducing, causing people to live in conditions that make them vulnerable to diseases depriving them of quality life.

“The biggest enemy of health in developing world is poverty”

Kofi Annan

Because life has not been the same as it was, people find themselves poor in many aspects. There’s poverty of the mind, body, brain and even poverty of the spirit. When you are poor, you are deprived of many things.

Poverty is one of the worst calamities that can befall anyone. It is worse than COVID-19

Even if you are physically poor in terms of money, refuse to be poor upstairs. Always think positively. Positive thinking can help lift you out of the dumdum into the right channel.

Always reason and think right. Be positive always. It helps alleviate your pain and suffering. 

8. Obesity

For the privileged that can afford their meals, they eat at leisure during the lockdown without engaging in physical activities that can help in burning of fats. At thus, due to accumulated fats in the body as a result of consumption of food without, they tend to get obese. A lot of junk foods can be consumed as a result of idleness or trying to keep the mouth busy.

Obesity can be dangerous

This is the period for many to look into their physical and mental health. Eat healthy and nutritious diet that will help your body function effectively and help in building the body’s immune system. Eat moderately, ‘eat to live don’t live to eat’. Be disciplined when it comes to food. It will help you to be healthy and prevent situation causing diseases.

In conclusion, it will take some time before things will take their normal shape again globally. Different people in different parts of the world have one challenge or the other because of the lockdown and collapse of activities.

The effect of the lockdown has not been positive to many – individuals and countries inclusive. It left most of us with a lot of lessons to be learned.

For many people, life situations are changing drastically, mine is not different either

People will learn how to tolerate each other and be their neighbour’s keeper. Be content with what you have no matter how small. Be positive always, things will get better, for “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. ‘Tough situations don’t last but tough people do’.

No one is super human; do not push your body or your brain to a level it cannot take. Recall the ‘law of elasticity’ if something is stressed beyond limit, it breaks.

Adhere to what works for you. What works for me might not be what works for you.

Finally, no matter the situation you find yourself, learn to take charge of your life. ‘Smile’ even for seconds in a day, no matter how bad the situation might be, it makes you more beautiful/handsome and ease pain.

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