12 Tips for Happy and Joyful Life

I was discussing with a colleague of mine on the challenges faced by many individuals in this era as a result of economic crises and effect of the Covid-19 pandemic that ravage the world in 2020 – 2021.

We found out that many; both the rich and poor, in their different ways are going through issues in life. A friend lamented of how his child in school has to repeat a year in an oversee institution that pay close to $12,000 per session because he could not pay the complete fee required of him as of when due. A man in my neighborhood had to pull out his two sons from school because he could not coup with school fees. Basic necessities of life like food, shelter and clothing are major issues in the life of many.

Research carried out showed that every individual on planet earth is passing through one challenge or the other. It could be financial issue, health challenge, happiness, joy or being able to find the true fulfillment desired in life. All these signifies the fact that the world is complete for on one. Each of us has one issue or the other to battle.

The most important thing in life is not money, wealth or material things but happiness. Riches and money can help humans in achieving the desired joy but they are not the ultimate necessity in life.

I carried out findings to find out how best people can live a happy and joyful life amidst issues and uncertainties.

  1. Love Self
Happiness gives Better Life

Here are the ten tips that can help us in living a happy life.

1. Love yourself

Self loving is a great tool towards appreciating oneself and being happy as well. No matter what happens, love yourself even when the tidings are bad. There is always room for improvement. Self love brings the best in you.

2. Appreciate Life

Be happy about the gift of life. An adage says ‘Once there is life, there is hope’. Acknowledge the fact that being alive is a motivating factor to appreciate your existence and be happy about your achievement. Have a positive concept that things will turn around for good.

Take for instance that you are passing through financial situation because of joblessness  or having a serial health challenge. Be optimistic, things could positively turn around within a twinkle of an eye. It starts first with your mindset. A positive mindset prepares one for actualization of a dream or objective.

3. Create boundaries

Create boundaries in your life by understanding yourself, knowing what you need and the principles to guide you. They help in straightening your ways while guiding you to the right stream of life. Be  disciplined enough to abide by the rules.

4. Use your Intuition

Be guided by the intuitions of your inner being, as this is a gift almost everyone posses. It can help you in developing the faith you need to make things work. Don’t get scared easily no matter the challenge. Take it as one of those things in life. Be confident of your abilities and capabilities. You will find out that it will help you in being courageous towards tackling issues that will consequently make you happy.

5. Avoid De-motivating News

If you are the type that is affected emotionally or psychologically with unpleasant news that fly around the community either through the media and other means; always endeavor to dissociate yourself from them.

Switch of a channel that is constantly making you apprehensive with bad news. There was a time I started developing ghost pimples as a result of constant news of havoc and death caused by Covid-19. For me to maintain my sanity, I stopped listening to constant glaring news about the virus for some time. This helps me to revive back myself.

Bad news can destabilize people, please reduce or avoid them if they have adverse effect on your person.  

6. Discover yourself

Self-discovery and self-healing are important parts of happy life. People need to be more aware of who and what they are in order to develop the mechanism to create or develop life . Getting in touch with our feelings and checking in with our body can bring awareness in our person to enable us know when rest and healing are needed.

Create few minutes of the day or week for yourself, in which you meditate and reflect on your life. In doing so, you get in touch with your inner-self, and invariably, you’ll get to know your values and priorities a little better. This consequently serve as a booster on the happiness scale and will lead/guide you toward more of the things that make you happy.

7. Show Gratitude

Constantly create time to recall all the things for which you feel grateful. You might keep a gratitude journal on this. Utilize your senses to imagine these things vividly in order to help you brain latch on to all that goodness. Be grateful about positive events of life.

Research shows that individuals that are optimistic and show gratitude for even small things that come their way are likely going to be more satisfied with their lives than those that do not. This makes the former to be happier.

Individuals who have a positive attitude of optimists paired with a rational outlook of realists tend to be more successful and happy.

Gratitude promote happiness

8. Give out

Giving out provides happiness and joy in return. There’s something about giving that allows you to receive more in return besides just the act of being joyful about it. When you give, you’re sending a global message that you know everything’s going to be alright.

Researchers discovered that those who spent their money on others have a greater level of happiness than those who spent the money on themselves.

When you give your time or talent, your focus shifts from your life to that of others.

This can help you realize that your own problems may not be that bad. You invariably develop a spirit of happiness for whom and what you are.

9. Spending time with friends

Getting together with friends for a good dose of laughter, as well as increased social connection promotes happiness. By spending time with people you like and love, you create supportive relationships that help people feel better during times of stress.

The avenue providing bonding with others through common experiences, such as life’s ups and downs. They become your support network and help bring brighter part of life.

10. Smile more and Laugh

Laughter and smile make you look younger, healthier and happy. Statistics show that ‘those who genuinely smiles as a result of positive thoughts actually had a better mood by the end of the day’. Meaning the act when you smile.

When you laugh, you release happy hormones called oxytocin and endorphins. These are hormones that uplifts us as we share experiences with others and laugh away our sorrows. Just making yourself smile puts you in a better mood.

11. Have open mind

Have an open mind towards yourself and others. Always forgive the wrong done by others. You are not doing yourself good by practicing such as it leaves your mind open, thus helping you to experience inner peace and joy.

Its one thing to get upset over an injustice you suffered at the hands of someone else, but its another thing entirely to hold on to that emotion long after that. Holding a grudge can easily consume you if you are not careful.

Anger and grudge is bad for your happiness because the negative emotions associated with them eventually give way to resentment and thoughts of revenge. In turn, this leaves little room in your emotional repertoire for anything else, like happiness and joy.

12. Exercise

Exercise has been proven to increase feel-good chemicals in the brain, reduce stress hormones, and relieve depression and anxiety thereby increasing attributes of happiness.

10 or 20 minutes of exercise each day can give you those mood-boosting benefits. Active people who engage in exercise are happier and more satisfied with their lives.

When you take time out for exercise, you’re doing your body good in more ways like physical exertion, .release tons of feel-good hormones that balances the body and reduce stress.

Be Happy


“Happiness” is a fundamental human right like life and liberty; says Diener of the University of Illinois, USA. . This is to the fact that happiness contribute to better life in terms of health, social and career relationships, being positive at all time. It tends to make people live longer and befitting lives.

One peculiar thing about happiness is that it has a connection with wealth or money. Money can be a toxic for happiness especially for poor people or society; environment can still have influence in creating happy life.

An individual in a society that radiates goodness in terms of caring for the citizenry and providing basic amenities like good roads, employment, electricity and others is likely going to be happier than one in a toxic society with corrupt practice, kidnapping, banditry and lots of insecurity.

Finally, happiness is something we all have to continuously work on to achieve desired result. Develop the attributes.

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